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Spray Tan Courses

Spray tanning is a fantastic, easy way to earn extra income. I have been doing spray tans for over ten years, and I have designed two courses to share ALL of my knowledge, training, and experience with you!


Express Tan Course

1 hour


This is for the gal who wants a basic how-to, in person, spray tan 101 course. An hour long express class, we do a spray tan together & I go over the basic do's and don'ts of tanning.

Spray Tan Master Course

3 hours

This class typically takes about 3 hours and takes place in-person, at my studio. Fantastic for beginners: I go over the entire tanning industry, simplified and explained in depth. I share ALL of my tips, tricks, and tools with you. I wrote and published a tanning textbook, for you to take home. I give an unbiased look at equipment and solutions, a glimpse into contour tanning equipment, color theory, and business and social media tips. I provide two models for hands-on tanning. You will have unlimited future access to me after your class, for any and all questions pertaining to tanning.

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